Support Groups

  • Are you an organisation?
  • A charity?
  • Clinical practice?
  • Self-supporting group such as new mums, carers, health related group?

Then we may be able to help you!

Pyramid Wellbeing Services can offer support sessions to help your group deal with stress, anxiety, and mood, including depression. We can offer this in many ways, be it a structured series of sessions or a more informal drop-in style support service. We provide a service for groups of people with commonalities, to access information, share issues, and show them how to deal and cope with those issues. We believe in helping people to help themselves, empowering them emotionally and psychologically.

The sessions will be delivered in non-judgemental, ethical and confidential ways, and can be time limited such as 6 weeks, or ongoing over a period of time such as a year if they are drop-in style. We offer approx. 2 hour sessions with a short break in the middle, and can provide some light refreshment if needed.

If you are interested in our Support Groups service then please contact us and we can arrange to discuss what you require and how we can provide a service for you.

Prices for the Support Groups will vary, depending on what you require.