Community Group Workshops

Whilst some people thrive on the excitement of opportunities and challenges that life throws at us. Many of us find it brings about anxiety, feelings of not being in control, left with confusion and no direction. Pyramid wellbeing aims to raise awareness and deliver information within the workshops to enable you to learn strategies to combat stress, anxiety and depression.

The Pyramid ‘De-stress’ workshops will be delivered using a range of tried and tested strategies and techniques. This will be achieved through powerpoint presentations, interactive activities and group discussion. Hopefully by the end of the workshop you will be equipped with the information needed to create your own stress management tool-kit.

Some of the items we can include for the agenda are:

  • Stress awareness – What is stress
  • Identifying stress and stressors
  • Looking at your personal wellbeing status
  • Your own emotional resilience
  • Managing change
  • Positive thinking
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Empowering yourself
  • Self assertiveness
  • Supportive network
  • Coping Strategies

Full day De-Stress workshops will usually run from 9.30am until 3.30pm and will have an agenda tailored to your groups needs. We appreciate that some groups will not be able to attend full day workshops, therefore in some cases we are able to arrange 2 half day workshops.

As mentioned previously workshops are bespoke to each group depending on each groups need.

Pyramid Wellbeing Services operates an inclusive policy and offers a range of diverse services for all groups within communities. Are you a group within the community who could benefit from the Pyramid De-stress workshop?

Why don’t you contact us and find out if we can help you