Pyramid Wellbeing Services is a new and innovative organization who work in a variety of settings, offering a range of services to support groups and individuals, that provide information and self-help strategies for the wellbeing of individuals, in the workplace and personal lives.

Our service offers the Pyramid-Centred approach, a unique take on a collaboration of therapeutic strategies, in which we invite our clients to start with themselves and work outwards into their personal and working lives. Our technique allows itself to adapt to each individual.

We offer bespoke workshops after consultation with your organization or business.

Most of our courses/workshops are in Greater Manchester, but we can deliver in-house workshops for most places throughout the UK.

Let stress find its place in your life, not be your life!

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community workshops
We deliver information via workshops to enable you to learn strategies to combat stress, anxiety and depression.
one to one therapy
Talking therapies can help people in many situations work out how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings.
We can help you evaluate your goals, take stock and make changes to your life.